Holiday cottages with private indoor pool France

Water and well-being in your Holiday cottage with private indoor pool France Loire Valley

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Private indoor pool heated year-round for swimming and massage jets

Your relaxation area of more than 56m ² with

  • its private indoor pool (3x5m ²);
  • heated to 28°C awaits you all year round;
  • You will be able to swim;
  • relax with the massage jets whilst listening to your preferred music.

After a good bathe, you will benefit from the loungers

  • whilst thinking of the Pacific Islands
  • drinking an exotic fruit juice cocktail.

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The external terrace makes the connection between the indoor swimming pool and the landscaped garden of country cottage with indoor pool France and with its seaside plants.

Water and Wellness

Relaxation, take time to look after yourself in holiday cottage with private indoor pool France

Water is a familiar universe for man.
Psychologists evoke the memory of the womb

  • where we bathe safely;
  • without any pre-occupation in the amniotic fluid;
  • Dive into the water, it is back to basics.

It seems that every time and in every civilization, man has associated water to the health and well-being.
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Some examples:

  • sauna existed in Finland, there are at least two thousand years, the Russians have changed and made the banya;
  • The hammam is from the East, the Japanese have a tradition of baths;
  • Thalassotherapy has ancient Greek etymology, « Thalassa » to sea « therapeia » care.
  • the spa


The origin of the word spa is undetermined:

  • it is the spa town in Belgium;
  • before that Sanitas per Aquas, health by water in Latin;
  • or « spagere » water,spread;
  • or Walloon « Spanish » fountain ?

The fact is that this man’s quest:

  • is to find the well-being to relax;
  • and indulge in the time to meet;
  • take care of yourself in a world that goes faster.

Holiday cottages with private indoor pool France Loire Valley, thus we named our holiday cottage for 2 at 6 people. Our character house is located at:

  • 18 La Grande Richardière Les Clouzeaux in France Loire Valley Vendee.

Take time to discover the France Loire Valley Vendee at your own pace and enjoy moments of peace and relaxation in this rental designed for your well-being.

Well-being is the result of attention to detail:

  • all must contribute to pleasure each direction to put body and soul into harmony.

We can arrange relaxing and invigorating place in the relaxation area. These massages are performed by a qualified service professional.

Relaxation, swimming, massage in Holiday cottages with private indoor pool France

holiday cottages with private indoor pool hydromassage

The pleasures of water

The private indoor pool and year-round heated nozzle is equipped:

  • with a massage water outlet;
  • an air filtration system and heater;
  • It also helps to practice swimming against the current.

The massage is the propelling nozzle of the water jets

the jets of compressed air or an air / water mixture. This nozzle placed where the mass stratéqique:

  • back, waist, neck, legs and feet.

Created by bubbling bubbles burst on the surface produces a more diffuse massage the entire body.

To swim against the current

Pumps are powerful enough to guarantee a good quality massage and to ensure the possibility to swim against the current in the water pool heated to 28 °.

Heating of the water and the air

A heating system heat pump maintains the temperature of water at 28 °.
A second heating system heats the air in the relaxation area where the private indoor pool is located inside in case of need and demand. The heating of the air is mostly used during cool periods: early spring, autumn and winter as the Holiday cottages with private indoor pool France Loire Valley Vendee is open all year.

Quality of the water

A filtration system ensures the quality of the water. The water flow is automatically set to régulèrement it is renewed. The water is treated on a regular basis to avoid feeling « itchy eyes ».

The water of the private indoor pool is filtered, heated automatically and regularly treated so that it is always available. It is covered with a insulated cover to keep the water temperature.

Holiday cottages with private indoor pool France Loire Valley
Comfort, Charm, Harmony
Grade 5 stars